Yes - we got hacked...

Posted on Friday, 16 March 2012

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Where have we been? You’ve been wondering, haven’t you?

Well, it turns out that somebody decided that the world no longer required the presence of Doyle & The Fourfathers. So much so, that they went to the extraordinary length of hacking all of our online accounts and deleting as many of them as they could! We’ve no idea why. Could it be jealousy? Pettiness? A nightmarish descent into eye-gouging self hatred? Whatever it was, revengeful retribution is not the DT4F way, so please, your prayers and pity should be reserved for the poor soul driven to such ends.

Plus, of course, we still very much exist. So much so that we’re about to release our new record to an expectant world. We think it’s rather fine and a real advance on our achievements so far – ably assisted by legendary producer Graham Sutton.

There will be more on where to get ‘Olympics Critical’ next week, so please check back on facebookand the website when you can.

While we have been able to get back most of our content, our youtube hits have been completely wiped. Lord knows what machinations you have to go through to get those reinstated, but we can’t find a way. Never mind – here’s to our new ChannelDT4F which will be up tonight, with any luck. Please refer your friends. Seems strange, but also cleansing, to start from absolute zero, but it’s our challenge now.

So – we’re back and ready to get stuck into 2012. An Olympics Critical year. To start it off we’re playing 93 Feet East in Brick Lane next week. Do come along. Only a fiver with a note to us.



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