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Posted on Thursday, 7 July 2011

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In the possibly quickest release ever (Band Aid, we laugh at you), a DJ in a spot was helped today in sterling fashion by Doyle & The Fourfathers, writes Our Correspondent.

6 Music Legend and DJ, Chris 'The Hawk' Hawkins was in major trouble yesterday when he desperately tweeted that he may be forced to play a song by Coldplay if an alternative track, with 42 in the title, could not be found urgently in his highly original and utterly fantastic feature ‘100 songs with a number in the title (or something)’.

In a gauntlet flinging moment, DT4F lead singer William Doyle took up the challenge and offered to write a suitable song should the twittersphere fail to unearth anything other than obscure heavy metal tracks. The Hawk took this up and gave young William just three and a half hours to write, record, mix, master and set up an acceptable tv and radio advertising campaign by 4pm yesterday.

The result? Success! The track is now challenging whatever R&B or X Factor rubbish is currently topping the Hit Parade.

You can get your own copy right here! And listen to Chris's fabulous unveiling on his show here - about 1:44 onwards...


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