September Update - Thanks to those festival organisers...

Posted on Tuesday, 20 September 2011

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Well – what a lovely couple of weeks that was! Thanks are due to the lovely people at Watchet and Galtres who, despite the biblical rain, put on great events in front of fantastic crowds. They’ve both got early bird tickets on sale for next year, so get in.

Then on Friday it was back to see Ed and everyone at The Mad Ferret in Preston. As ever a fine night and it wasn’t raining because we were playing inside.

Saturday we we’re outside Rochdale Town Hall for the Feel Good Festival. It felt good with a very enthusiastic crowd. Despite the rain. (Bit of vid here and a review right here.) Special thanks go to our good friend Shell Zenner.

Sunday was under canvas in a Llangollen setting, so it was sunny and rainy. Massive cheers to those Fabulous Found Boys for curating such an interesting and excellent event.

Monday was back to the smoke and no concern over the weather what with being in the lovely Bull & Gate. Our gratitude goes out to Martyn and the Club Fandango people for another fine evening.

And now? Well we’re getting very excited over how our new tunes are turning out in the mix. Results available later in the year...

And next? Well we’ll see you at The Monarch on the 22nd September of course. We’re on earlier than usual, so get there for half eight.



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