Not quite secret, but a bit under the radar - £1 or £3? You decide...

Posted on Friday, 18 February 2011

News :: Not-quite-secret-but-a-bit-under-the-radar-pound-1-or-pound-3-you-decide :: Will Mike Roof Before

Hello again,

We have a bit of news. Hopefully you've got your tickets already for the album launch show on 25th February. If not, well, why not? They're here!

Now, if your reason for not coming is because you've got some previously arranged, impossible to get out of 'event', leave early. We're not on until 10...

If that still can't tempt you over, but you still want to catch up with us next week, we have a solution.

We're doing a low key warm up at the Dublin Castle in Camden the night before (Thursday 24th Feb). The lovely people at bugbear have offered us a £3 guest list if you let us know beforehand. So now you've got no excuse. Just message us via Facebook, Twitter, email or text to get your name on the door.

However, we recognise that the people who have bought tickets for Friday may fancy a preview. Soooo.... in a further lovely concession, we have been told we can let Friday ticket holders in for a shiny new pound. The numerate amongst you will have noticed that means two top quality nights of entertainment will be available for seven quid if you haven't bought any tickets at all yet. Bring along your printed tiket for this rather nice arrangement.

So - what are you waiting for?

See you next week. Won't we?


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