Great Tour and then we strike a 'note of discord'...

Posted on Sunday, 11 December 2011

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Once again thank to the marvellous Undertones for having us as support on the final leg of their 35th anniversary.  From Inverness to Brighton, we had a blast!

And then on the morning after the tour before, we awake to see we are being mentioned on the business pages of The Observer.  Wow. 

"Note of discord

It had to happen: Britain's popular music combos have turned their attention to the shortcomings of George Osborne's fiscal policy.Doyle & The Fourfathers have penned "Welcome to Austerity", which includes the lines "I went to my local library to go and borrow books for free but to my shock and my surprise the library had met its demise", and culminates with: "Chancellor, you're not the only one who swings his axe around for fun. I have been known to wield my own and I am quite accident prone. And I'm not alone."As background music to recession and economic despair, it's not quite the Smiths or Billy Bragg – but it's a start."

Obviously, we're not trying to be The Smiths or Mr Bragg, but it's lovely to break out of the confines of the music press from time to time...



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