First (Great) Review of post-hack era...

Posted on Tuesday, 1 May 2012

News :: First-great-review-of-post-hack-era :: Margarita Adj

"Following 2011’s acclaimed Man–Made album, hotly-tipped indie classicists, Doyle & the Four Fathers, purveyors of intelligent, wry indie melancholy and passion had their website hacked, lost a bassist and consequently lost a bit of the momentum they had built up too. Now they’re back with their strongest work to date, a four song EP on their own Star Rover label. And this time, they’re angry…

Could William Doyle, a socially aware, mild-mannered, bookish fop in corduroy from the South of England be ‘the voice of his generation’? Is a pretty tune, a timeless melody and infectious chorus the new format for the Protest Song? Is politeness the new radicalism? Well, the new EP seems to point to the answer being a resounding ‘yes’.

Of the four songs, three have ‘political’ points to make; Fingerprints is about apathy to ethical shopping. Welcome to Austerity, well the title says it all and Pay Attention to Your Public would appear to be a polite missive to the government, with an irresistibly catchy tune. L’enfant terrible is less clear lyrically, although a fantastic song concerning a terrible child."

Carry on reading here.

Thanks Ged and LTW.

And you can pre-order the CD from Rough Trade by clicking this link.


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