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Posted on Sunday, 25 March 2012

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We've been getting a few requests to buy copies of our records. Now we won't be doing any gigs for a while, we thought we'd better make them available via post, especially as Rough Trade has run out of stock. Some downloads remain available via eMusic, Amazon, and iTunes by the way.

Price List (includes P&P)

Governor of Giving Up - CD Single: £3
Governor of Giving Up - Vinyl Single: £4
Governor of Giving Up - CD & Vinyl: £5

"Doyle & The Fourfathers" - CD EP: £6 (very few left)

Man Made - CD Album: £7
Man Made - Vinyl Album: £13
Man Made - CD & Vinyl: £14

All of the above: £22
All of the above plus Olympics Critical ep (when available - mid April): £25

Coming Soon:

Olympics Critical - CD EP: £4

Best way to order is via PayPal using



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