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Band Members

Alex Urch
Ben Clark
William Doyle
[...and Kosmic Karl]

Current Label

Star Rover

An established band with an ever increasing following, 'DT4F' combine a mix of fantastic musical ability and poignant songwriting that’s putting them on a path previously trodden by some of their heroes, Scott Walker, Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon and Ray Davies.

With the release of an acclaimed primer (still available on iTunes and Amazon),  2010 saw the likes of a mind blowing set at the Save 6 Music gig in London, when the boys had the unenviable task of following The Magic Numbers onto the stage. They kept a knowledgeable audience enraptured with a blistering performance that led to murmurings of whether this was an 'I was there' moment. They also showed their mettle for the big time when they were not at all fazed by 5000 people cheering them on at the Albert Hall. They collaborated with a full orchestra and soul singer on that occasion, but showed their versatility by also doing a few songs with The Undertones’ Damian O’Neill at another iconic gig.

The first single came out in October ‘10 as 7" , CD and download and is still available. ‘The Governor of Giving Up’ was a much improved version of that on the first record. It got plenty of play on BBC 6 Music (where it was described as ‘an absolute whopper’ by Marc Riley) and a number of other stations. 

2011 saw promise being delivered – including an album, Man Made, released in February. There’s a brief preview here as well as a free download of their second single, ‘When Will the Children Learn?’, on this site

The rest of the year saw the lads gigging relentlessly including an exceptionally well-received support for The Undertones - a triumphant set of UK-wide shows.  

2012 has seen a line up change, with Michael Goozee leaving the band to be replaced, temporarily, with the enigmatic Kosmic Karl.  However, The Olympics Critical EP is now available through Star Rover and the band are continuing to write and record.  This summer will see a number of shows and who knows exactly what next...

As this journey develops... be there or... well, you know the rest. 

Pay Attention!

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